Sunday, January 15, 2012


so over the break..i got into "felting" or what i think is felting.. (i don't know if the term qualifies since i'm just a beginner and honestly i only know a few basic stitches i got off of youtube..) so one night,after the fascination of making cake pops wore off, i wanted to sew.. i didn't know what or how or with what size needle or what kind of thread.. i just wanted to make something.. i googled and youtubed and eventually accomplished a few felt pieces to be proud of..  i got a little over confident and thought i'd make felty things for everyone i knew for christmas ..thinking this was my coupon gal money saver cost cutting hippie chic gift idea.. well i ended up only making a few things to give as gifts to make in time for Christmas..(see prev. posts)  i did pick up this felting phenomenon again lately.. i crafted a pin cushion and a something ..i don't know what to call it..a holder?