Monday, February 20, 2012

house beautiful

i watched an episode of "the middle" this weekend..
the mom was given "a day to herself" for mother's day..
 the was overjoyed at the her kids and husband headed off..
she wandered around the house..organized the junk drawer
and that led her to defrost the freezer...found an old unpaid bill
and spend hours on the phone pressing one for english..etc..
 at around 7pm she realized she had realized the whole day
had been wasted on little tasks that could have
been saved for another day (well except the bill)..
so here comes my president's day off..bound and determined i
would not waste it.. woke up at the fridge..

ready to make a nice big breakfast for my husband and i.. 
the eggs expired yesterday..the milk a week ago..
(i have an excuse..we've been out of town..i really am more up
 to date in my fridge) ..trip to the store ..milk..eggs..
 pancake mix.. ate vday chocolate on the way..pancakes
didn't sound good anymore..husband ate a  frozen sausage
 biscuit..poor husband..he could have had pancakes.. got back
 and started laundry..six loads mind you.. which led me to rotating
 my winter/spring clothes..lining up my shoes by flipflops/heels/boots
 and by color.. folding clothes..which led me to organizing
dresser drawers..and jewelry drawers (i hate untangling jewelry!)
and organizing junk drawers (they do look amazing!)
..then dusting the dresser..end tables.. finding gifts that i had
saved to mail to friends...looking for addresses..baking muffins
 for friends..taking photos of cute muffins i made for friends..
packing up packages.. cleaning the counter of valentines
cards/candy/teacher gifts i received..thinking wow the
 counter looks bare! ..making flower arrangement for the counter..
got out the flowers..why not make another for the end table..
 it storms...stew would be cozy.. hence my day off..
i did pay some bills : )  i do feel accomplished.. we will have clean
 clothes for the week.. i'll be able to easily accessorize..
we have eggs and milk...  the apartment is pretty again..
and my friends are getting surprise packages in the mail..
AND i found the password to my blog!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

this project was too easy to pass up... i found the idea on pinterest..which if you haven't realized by now..i'm stuck on that website.. i didn't understand pins and pinning and whatnot at first.. but now after a thousand pins.. i get it.. and am glued to it! i like my little pinboards..all nice and neat and organized.. the only thing i wish is that i could make pinboards within my pinboards.. (is that obsessive?) like folders on the computer.. like pinboards for shoes/jewelry/dresses inside a pinboard for "things to wear."  i honestly have spent more time looking at craft ideas on pinterest than actually crafting.. i did make this ribbon wreath.. the actual wreath was $3 from Michael's craft store..and i cut up a variety of ribbons i had and a pastel plaid easter table cloth that had shrunk in the washer..haha...good re-purpose don't you think? i hung it outside my door and then immediately took it down.. its a bit bright for 30 degree overcast sky february weather... my mind is thinking vday is over ..time for spring! forgetting that yeah i guess we could still have a snow day... i think i'll put it up at easter and make a burlap, navy blue, and ticking beach wreath for summer..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012