Sunday, February 19, 2012

this project was too easy to pass up... i found the idea on pinterest..which if you haven't realized by now..i'm stuck on that website.. i didn't understand pins and pinning and whatnot at first.. but now after a thousand pins.. i get it.. and am glued to it! i like my little pinboards..all nice and neat and organized.. the only thing i wish is that i could make pinboards within my pinboards.. (is that obsessive?) like folders on the computer.. like pinboards for shoes/jewelry/dresses inside a pinboard for "things to wear."  i honestly have spent more time looking at craft ideas on pinterest than actually crafting.. i did make this ribbon wreath.. the actual wreath was $3 from Michael's craft store..and i cut up a variety of ribbons i had and a pastel plaid easter table cloth that had shrunk in the washer..haha...good re-purpose don't you think? i hung it outside my door and then immediately took it down.. its a bit bright for 30 degree overcast sky february weather... my mind is thinking vday is over ..time for spring! forgetting that yeah i guess we could still have a snow day... i think i'll put it up at easter and make a burlap, navy blue, and ticking beach wreath for summer..

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