Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bonjour Jolie Mystery Box!

I didn't know what to expect when I ordered the Bonjour Jolie Mystery box that was offered for this month.  I have enjoyed my regular BJ subscription. So I ordered the mystery box and then forgot about was a nice surprise when it arrived!  
It was filled with lotions, soaps, body powders..(I'm glad they included another Honeysuckle soap in this box..I got it in the last BJ box and it smells so good!!)  I have started keeping a basket on the bathroom counter of all fun stuff to try from my subscription boxes..every night is like a spa night!  I have been using the philosophy facial soap this week and I like it (I have super sensitive skin!)...

The sweets! 

The treats!  I gave the orange lipstick to a friend but I kept the darker one. It's not as dark on and I've been using it daily!  It turned out to be a pretty light brown-wine color..
I love my BJ teas!!  My tea basket in the kitchen is getting FULL!!! I would definitly order another mystery box the next time it's offered. I received SO MUCH! If you would like to find out more about BJ click here! 

*I was not compensated or asked to write this review and all opinions are my own. : ) 

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 2014 ~ Dottiebox Mini!

WOW! DO you think I shop online much? or too much? All of this was sitting on my doorstep today..with the July Dottiebox Mini right on top! The mini price was $10 plus $3 for shipping. 
Honeyrun Farms Beeswax Candle ($3) - It's so cute..I don't want to burn it! Wouldn't these be fun favors for a "What will it Bee?"  themed shower or "Meant to Bee" wedding reception!  
Honeyrun Farms Beeswax Candle ($3) - On the Dottiebox facebook page they advertised that the first 20 new mini orders would recieve a 2nd Honeyrun Farm candle.. So this was my first mini order..I did want that 2nd candle! : ) 
Brooklyn Love Designs Key Fob ($9) -  This is from an Etsy shop designer that hand makes these in Alaska!  I checked out their website and I like their cute assortment of patterned key fobs, coin purses, and wallets...

I really enjoyed this mini box and love my regular subscription of handmade items from Dottiebox! If you would like to find out more about Dottiebox subscriptions click here! 

*I was not compensated or asked to write this review and all opinions are my own. : ) 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 2014 ~ Bonjour Jolie Review!

The Bonjour Jolie July box was bee themed this month! The box smelled sweet even before opening it..and the gold bags full of treats tied in nicely to the theme! 
Here are the edibles...

Davidson's Honey Tea ($1.60) - more tea..yay!
Joyva Honey Sesame Crunch ($1) -  I will pass these along to my grandmother..she loves sesame seeds!
Nature Valley Granola Bar ($1) - passing these to my brother in-law.. he loves these
Betterbee Sweet Honey Candy ($1.50) - I tried was different..and does taste like honey..will keep some in my purse 
Honey Fusion Lotion Bar ($3) -  This must have been what made the box smell so good! It's almost too pretty to use! Will add it to my "things to try" basket in my bathroom... The card says there is no water needed to use this lotion melts from the warmth of your hands!
Organic Honey Vanilla Lip Balm ($5) - Never can have too many of these!
Honey Almond Bath Oil Beads ($2) - I almost ate one! I double checked the info. card and found out they indeed were not candy! haha..
Sparkling Organic Honeycomb Soap ($3) -  I like this a's made with real honey and 24k gold mica! 
The gift!
Bee and Amber Honey Drop Necklace ($24!) -  I adore this!  I have worn it a few times since I received the mystery box.  I checked out the Etsy shop that made this necklace and they sell matching earrings, other vintage style necklaces, and hair clips! 
Can't forget the GloryBee Flavored  Honey Sticks ($1) - wouldn't beeee a BEE box without them!

I thought this was a really cute theme for a summer box and the necklace is my favorite item from the box!  I accidently  recieved the June box twice and I contacted Bonjour Jolie.  They said to keep it, share it with friends, and they would send me the July box (minus the period items because I already had those in the duplicate box) ! So that was very nice and I didn't have to worry about shipping it back.   If you would like to find out more about Bonjour Jolie, click here!
*I was not compensated or asked to write this review and all opinions are my own. : )

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Grilled Naan Bread Pizza

I've been trying out all kinds of things on my new grill this summer.. From grilled pineapple and kabobs to honey dijon chicken with crazy corn! This week I decided to make grilled pizzas. I haven't been very successful lately with making homemade pizza dough so I thought a grilled flat bread pizza would be easier...and it was!  I found the crust or "dough" that I wanted at Target... Stonefire Tandoor Baked Naan.  It's already cooked and ready to go..and comes with two in the package.  Easy enough, right? 

I've been cooking a lot this summer with San Marzano tomatoes. They taste a little bit sweeter to me than other kinds. I can only get them at one specific grocery store where I live. I found San Marzano pizza sauce at the store.. so I picked some up to give it a try.  With the two Naan breads I made two kinds of pizza.. cheese and pepperoni. I thought maybe I'll be more daring with ingredients the next go around for grilling pizzas if they turn out good.  (next on the list is grilled chicken and roasted pepper pizzas!) 
After spreading on the sauce, and sprinkling on mozzarella cheese..I drizzled some Oregon Olive Mill Extra Virgin Olive Oil that  I received in my A Kitchen Box
Here is what the package looks like.  I bought it at a regular Target, not a Super, and it was near the bagels and french bread. 
I also added some Italian seasoning on top of the pizzas. It only took about five minutes for the pizzas to heat up and the cheese to melt! 
Delizioso!!  The crust was slightly crispy and made a nice crunch sound when cut and the cheese was melted and not the slightest bit burned! 
 It tasted like the NY pizza place down the street, which my family likes.  I cut the pizza into slim triangles and served it with a mixed garden salad. I used my Balsamic Basil Vinaigrette by Willamette Valley Mustards from Taste Trunk. It's running out and that makes me sad.. I will have to buy more..I so love's zesty yet sweet!  This is such an EASY weeknight meal that took no time at all!  I think I will make my pizzas like this from now's so easy, why not?

I want to try making a chicken grilled pizza and this recipe for balsamic-bleu cheese-steak grilled pizzas from Bobby Flay! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 2014 ~ Dottiebox Review!

This is my fourth Dottiebox and I am always excited to receive my monthly bundle of handmade treasures made by artisans across the U.S. (and now the world!)....I have found so many new Etsy shops to follow! I love shopping online and on Etsy for unique products for gift giving! A Dottiebox subscription by itself makes a great gift!  Read about my other Dottieboxes here!
Here are the items that were in this month's box:
(Usually there are more than three items in the regular sized boxes..but the bracelet retails for $48!)

Two A.M. Designs Small Makeup Pouch ($11) - A mix of prints went out..and I am so happy with my mod leaf printed bag! It is orange and white polka dot on the inside. It makes a great purse organizer!  The stitching is absolute perfection!  Their shop features pencil cases, small makeup bags, cosmetic pouches, wristlets, and even key fobs in many colorful prints! These would make great little bridesmaids gifts!

Honeyrun Farm Summer & Lavender Honey Sticks (prices range from $6-$25 listed in their Etsy shop..depending how many you buy and of what flavor)  I received two lavender and 2 summer honey flavored sticks.  I keep a bundle of honey sticks next to my tea jar..and I've never tried lavender honey before!  Dottiebox has a special going on right now..The first 20 people who order a new July single mini dottiebox or mini subscription will receive not one but TWO beehive candles from Honeyrun Farm. (I ordered mine!) PS. My Bonjour Jolie July box was also honey themed this month!

A Global Friendship Project Home Bracelet ($45) -  My pretty pink and brown woven bracelet was made by an artisan in Thailand! The mission of A Global Friendship is to help improve the quality of life, by providing sustainable income and community development for women and their families in Thailand, Peru, Indonesia, India, and the US.  I am proud to wear it and so happy that it fits perfectly! 
Here is a closer shot of the gorgeous woven bracelet!

If you would like to start a subscription or find out more about here! 

*I was not compensated or asked to write this review and all opinions are my own. : )

July 2014 ~ Popsugar Must Have Box!

This is my wait..MY from Popsugar Must Have! Three are from my regular subscription and one was a summer limited edition box.  My pup and I jumped off the couch as soon as we heard the doorbell ring this morning! The box arrived with two of my other online orders..a few clothing sale items from Mint Julep and some jeans I bid on for my husband on Ebay.  Lucy, my golden, gets so excited when packages come..she jumps up and down and then sits patiently waiting seems she's saying, "aren't you going to open it?"  I promised myself I wouldn't open it till I wrote up two overdue subscription reviews but ...well.. she had those puppy dog eyes..and well.. what if there was a candle in the box and it was melting..or a bottle of perfume that was leaking ..or.. or... after thinking that through for about all of ten seconds I grabbed the scissors, searched through the white tissue paper, to reveal the first Popsugar July item! 
smile..pretty things...let's pose for a photo! 
Michael Stars Beach Hat ($48) - I was a little nervous to find this at first. I heard there was a hat item from spoilers and I didn't know what to expect...but  I really like it!  I can wear it to the pool, when I grill outside, or when I lounge around on my backyard hammock!  It is bendable and has these cute buttons on the back with pink stitches. Keep! 
I also like the inside.. who's going to see the inside? ..nobody..but it's cute that it's there! : ) 
Dang Foods Toasted Coconut Chips ($3) - Not a fan of coconut..and all things coconut or items that contain nuts have been going to my grandmother. I visit with her once or twice a week and she likes getting surprises..she will love these!

ACME Chevron Paper Straws ($7) - I'm a sucker for silly straws! (Get it?) I have blue, red, and pink striped paper straws but not chevron!  I like to throw parties and a pretty straw just adds a special touch! I didn't take a photo of the back of the package but there is also a mix of teal, light blue, and grey included. ..24 straws and four of each color...and oh my..somebody get me off their website..I want everything! They have sweet picnic basket sets, wool felt birthday crowns, and the cutest mini cake bunting sets! 
See.. I told you she was interested!  I mean she does have pretty eyelashes.. : ) 

Revlon Bold Lacquer Length & Volume Mascara (This was a Special Extra item and the insert doesn't list the price value) - I like getting makeup samples and this is full size. I was running out of mascara anyways and I never know what kind to will be fun to try out a new Revlon product! What kind of mascara do you prefer? 

TKO Jump Rope with Soft Grip Handles ($13) - Quite honestly I'm a couch potato...there I said it.. I lasted a whole two days with the last workout DVD Popsugar sent.. maybe jump ropes are my thing? I'm not obese..nor a skinny rail..but I could stand to loose a few and get back into half my wardrobe.  The label says you can burn up to 170 calories in 15 minutes...15 minutes of straight jumping sounds like a long time to me..but so did 10 minutes of oil pulling and I have been doing that for a few days now.. maybe both at the same time? no..I think that would be a disaster.. On the back of this box it shows you different kinds of jumps..that seems fun..kind of.. actually I think I will give it a try..
Sun Bum Sunscreen & Lotion ($20) - I was packing my pool bag this morning (not that  I am going today..turned out to be a rainy day..but wanted to be prepared for a sun shiny day soon)..and I thought to myself..gee I don't have sunscreen.. Adding these two to my pool bag and they will come in handy next week! The products smell really good too!  I received Sun Bum Pink Grapefruit lip balm in my first Hammock Pack and found out that Sun Bum supports over five non-profit organizations, including Surfers for Autism and Boarding for Breast Cancer. 
French Bull Ziggy Salad Servers ($12) - Can we say LOVE!! These are so me.. and I can't wait to use them! They are scratch and shatter resistant AND dishwasher safe..and they just make me happy ...and they make me want to make a pretty salad just to use them! I just checked out their website and saw that they offer plates, spoons, mugs and more that match these bright and fun salad servers! Go on their site and click on "Collections" --> "Ziggy" to see all the products that match, I'm eyeing the Ziggy Pop-Up Lunch Box and Ziggy Storage Container Set!

So...thanks POPSUGAR for this FUN summer box! You are amazing yet once again! If you would like to subscribe to or learn more about Popsugar Must Have box click here! 

*I was not compensated or asked to write this review and all opinions are my own. : ) 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summertime Grillin'

I am so excited about my new toy..a grill! A grill? whaat? That's a manly gift.. well no..not if you've stored up hoards of Pinterest recipes labeled in a pinboard called TO GRILL and have yet TO GRILL! When I was a little girl, my favorite toy was my kitchen set. I would play with it for hours lining up the little food cartons in the built in shelves and pretending to make soups and sorts on the plastic pretend stove.  As I stood there yesterday in the 90 degree heat, face burning, swatting pesky flies, I thought to myself ...hey this is like a grown up kitchen set! And honestly the grill I have now is not that much bigger than my kitchen set from long ago.  I'm really enjoying it though and it is a Cha-Broil TRU-Infared Grill which means I'm not burning my hands over an open flame. The food cooks extremely fast and it has a temperature gauge on it.   So here is the first recipe I tried...

Grilled Crazy Corn

I boiled the corn first because I didn't know how this new grill would work out..Then I buttered the cobs and placed them on the rack.  I sprinkled the cobs with McCormick's Cajun Seasoning and a  little bit of salt and pepper.  I kept them on the grill till they started to brown a little.  In a dish, I rolled them in more butter (some people like to use mayonnaise..but my husband hates mayonnaise), and some parsley.  I squeezed a drizzle of lime over top and sprinkled on some crumbled Mexican queso fresco cheese.  This crazy corn was CRAZY GOOD!! So good..we've had it for the past three nights.. my brother in-law now is requesting it!  The first night I made it, we ate it with some nice ribeye steaks and turkey burgers. 
Yesterday I tried another recipe. I saw this recipe where they used a jar of Marzetti's Honey Dijon salad dressing to marinate the chicken and fresh basil.  I did not have either of those and while I was at Target I looked for the dressing which they did not have nor did they have anything like it. I did not want to make three more trips searching for this dressing, which one day I hope to try, so I grabbed a bottle of Ken's Honey Mustard Sauce.  I knew I had a bottle of Balsamic Basil Vinaigrette by Willamette Valley Mustards at home that came in my Taste Trunk which contained BASIL by golly so I figured it would be a close enough match. 

Sweet Honey Dijon Grilled Chicken

 I mixed a cup of the balsamic basil vinaigrette with about four tablespoons of the honey mustard and then added in two tablespoons of Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard. I coated four boneless/skinless chicken breasts with the mixture and let it marinate for a couple of hours.  I grilled the chicken until it was white in the center and it had the most perfect grill marks...The chicken was SO juicy, sweet, and zesty all at the same time! I served it with rice pilaf and some more crazy corn..of course! 
Here it is! My husband snuck into my craft supplies and wrapped the grill in my most favorite chevron burlap ribbon.. wasn't that cute? I like how he tied the bow : )  I hope those recipes gave you some inspiration and motivation to get those TO GRILL pins accomplished this summer! I look forward to bringing you more grillin' recipes in the weeks ahead! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Caramels for Karson!

These are some of the BEST sea salt caramels I have ever tasted! They came in my Bonjour Jolie  subscription box. They were so good that I decided to be nice and share them with my husband..we both tried half of one and then fought over the last one...(I won!) We decided to order a full size bag and they arrived today.. I've already eaten two before he gets home!

 Proceeds go to support a little boy, Karson, who was born wit
h a serious heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia. His grandmother makes these yummy caramels.. they come in vanilla, sea salt, and pecan...Buy some today to help this family out and help support Caramels for Karson! : )