Saturday, July 12, 2014

Grilled Naan Bread Pizza

I've been trying out all kinds of things on my new grill this summer.. From grilled pineapple and kabobs to honey dijon chicken with crazy corn! This week I decided to make grilled pizzas. I haven't been very successful lately with making homemade pizza dough so I thought a grilled flat bread pizza would be easier...and it was!  I found the crust or "dough" that I wanted at Target... Stonefire Tandoor Baked Naan.  It's already cooked and ready to go..and comes with two in the package.  Easy enough, right? 

I've been cooking a lot this summer with San Marzano tomatoes. They taste a little bit sweeter to me than other kinds. I can only get them at one specific grocery store where I live. I found San Marzano pizza sauce at the store.. so I picked some up to give it a try.  With the two Naan breads I made two kinds of pizza.. cheese and pepperoni. I thought maybe I'll be more daring with ingredients the next go around for grilling pizzas if they turn out good.  (next on the list is grilled chicken and roasted pepper pizzas!) 
After spreading on the sauce, and sprinkling on mozzarella cheese..I drizzled some Oregon Olive Mill Extra Virgin Olive Oil that  I received in my A Kitchen Box
Here is what the package looks like.  I bought it at a regular Target, not a Super, and it was near the bagels and french bread. 
I also added some Italian seasoning on top of the pizzas. It only took about five minutes for the pizzas to heat up and the cheese to melt! 
Delizioso!!  The crust was slightly crispy and made a nice crunch sound when cut and the cheese was melted and not the slightest bit burned! 
 It tasted like the NY pizza place down the street, which my family likes.  I cut the pizza into slim triangles and served it with a mixed garden salad. I used my Balsamic Basil Vinaigrette by Willamette Valley Mustards from Taste Trunk. It's running out and that makes me sad.. I will have to buy more..I so love's zesty yet sweet!  This is such an EASY weeknight meal that took no time at all!  I think I will make my pizzas like this from now's so easy, why not?

I want to try making a chicken grilled pizza and this recipe for balsamic-bleu cheese-steak grilled pizzas from Bobby Flay! 

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