Friday, December 30, 2011

coastal butterflies

Inspiration for this mounted butterfly art comes from a new favorite blog of mine mondocherry They used hues of grey which i love..i love love love grey!..i have about twenty grey t-shirts and about three sets of yoga pants that are all in varying greys..its such a cozy color! especially charcoal grey..i would love to have a room with dark charcoal grey paint and white white trim! back to the project... i tried to select a background for my butterflies that was a dark greyish blue.. i wanted to do a grey and yellow scheme but couldn't find any yellow that wasn't school bus yellow at the craft stores.. i'm really attracted to grey + yellow and grey + blues right now...for the print.. i adored mondocherry's use of my favorite book "Anne of Green Gables".. wanting to keep my beloved book intact..i cut up a French Quebec City magazine adds sentiment from our honeymoon and provided a great way to re-purpose a momento... the magazine had Victorian photos of sightseers on the boardwalk in front of the Chateau Frontenac where we stayed in Quebec City...i cut a template freehand of a butterfly..then traced and cut the twelve butterfly shapes from scrapbook paper, card stock, and the magazine.. i glued everything with a scotch tape runner which made the project easy and quick.. this project is gets me in the mood for spring! time to take down the Christmas decor and back to decorating this newlywed nest in vintage coastal blues and watch us have a snowstorm ..haha

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