Friday, October 26, 2012

washi tape!

I recently found out about washi tape..and I'm thinking why wasn't this stuff made years ago! There are so many uses! I'm going to start with using it on Christmas present gift tags..and then make some cards to start... (My Christmas theme this year is kinda simple but homemade? Anthropology-ish?  Think presents wrapped in brown craft paper with twine and chevron stripes..and maybe some b+w photos... and upside down mason jar snowglobes..)   so I found some tape that is pretty close to washi tape at Michaels it was in the scrapbooking/sticker section and the brand is Recollections. While I was there I picked up some polymer clay and I am going to try to make those chalky hand stamped ring bowls that are all over pinterest! 


  1. Hi Christian,

    Thanks so much for your post. I am the Recollections Brand Manager at Michaels and it is always great to see our product highlighted! This actually is washi tape and we will have more in the stores coming soon!

    Check out our Christmas washi tape that just hit stores last week.


    1. I live right around the corner from a Michaels..I'm a pre-k teacher so I'm at Michael's at least a couple times a week! I used the Michaels washi tape for Christmas to make gift tags..they came out so cute! I am so glad to have so many varieties of patterns and colors at my convenience..thanks!

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