Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Part II

We wound up having Easter dinner on Saturday night at my mom's house...all because of this beautiful china cabinet.. We had to deliver it to my mom's house and she lives about an hour we wound up eating there instead of my apt.  She had to run to work and left me with a bag of candy, all the food, and said go for it! so i did! She has lots of cute decor items around the I just started grabbing from here and there...I know she looves the french country I went with a Easter-in-a garden-in-the-french-countryside kinda look.. :)
She pot this terracotta chicken pot from an antique store recently and wanted to use it for part of the meal...I forgot all about it and it ended up being a centerpiece...she's got these french chickens everywhere in her house...plates, pictures, dish name it!
I set the chicken pot on top of raffia, on top of a glass cake stand, on top of  a large floral platter...then placed apples, pears, and onions around the platter.  
Here is the beautiful china cabinet!  I'm going to chalk paint it in antique white..leaving the back board  brown...distress it..and maybe change out the handles/knobs!

I saw a bunny like this on pinterest except they baked in slivered almonds for whiskers... using what I had..I used string beans, roasted pepper, and mushrooms.
You should have seen grandma's face when  I said I was using this pail (used for decoration in the house) for the turkey and roast vegetables!  But I think it is so rustic looking!  The vegetables were fingerling potatoes, asparagus, red onion, red pepper, mushrooms, and string beans.
Antique French bunny plates...with a chocolate bunny, radish, and candy eggs.
WhAAAT?? Can't hear youuu! HAHA
Mini hashbrown casseroles:  hashbrowns, parmesan cheese, shredded cheddar cheese, fresh parsley, cream of mushroom and chicken soup, sour cream, and cornflake topping!

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