Friday, October 26, 2012

polymer clay..want to try..

The last time I remember working with polymer clay was when I was about twelve years old ..and after watching tons of Carol Duvall polymer clay episodes about jewelry making and ornaments I thought I could make anything. I was pretty good later on with regular clay in high school ceramics and even won some awards.. but all I can remember from my early days with polymer clay is that I had a really hard time getting it to be soft and workable and then I remember a funky smell from burning it in the here's my next try with polymer clay.. I've found some cute ideas for some gifts and gift tags... I've got the metal letter stamps and white clay for the above garden sticks above...Photo and idea from:

Gift tags photo and idea from:
I LOVE these jewelry plates.. It's so fun how you can imprint all different textures..I've seen some lace print ones out there too... photo and idea from:  You can use already colored polymer clay or basic white, bake it, and then paint it with acrylics and a sealant. 
Cut out any shape with cookie cutters! Photo and idea from:

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