Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thrift Shop Finds!

Today my mom and I drove up to Claremore, OK and visited some really fun antique and thrift shops.. I convinced her to buy a china cabinet..and I am going to try my hand at redoing it in that chalky french country-ish shabby chic off white look!  I ended up buying..a drawer..lol... but it's a cute drawer! that vintage rustic feel but already painted my favorite color!  and for 7 bucks!  I've seen some pins about using vintage drawers at weddings or for a party as a serving tray...I love my cute little drawer already!  ...and  I added two new friends to my 80's glass collection.. it's so much more fun to drink from a glass with a goofy cartoon character on it! Care bear and Kermit meet Mickey, Daffy, Donald, Petunia, Capt. America, and the Ninja Turtles!

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