Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring is almost here!

While waiting the 10 min. for those rice crispy treats to cool, I set my Easter table..yes! in 10 min! that's all it took! I grabbed some dishes from here..candles from there.. so easy and so pretty when you mix and match...
This little duck I found in the garden/outdoor/pot section of a Ross store.. I think what makes decor in your house or a table setting special is decorating with things that you like or have special meanings.  I love this little rainy day duck because he adds a touch of whimsy and he reminds me of my Nana who had those blue bonnet ducks decorating her kitchen...
The silver candlesticks and runner were gifts from my mom... The runner reminds me so much of Peter Rabbit.. Walmart had honeysuckle candles.. I debated about the yellow color.. but then you don't want to be too matchy matchy..matching the candles with the dishes with the runner..
A view of the wall and table in our tiny apartment!
I love these cupcake plates..they are not hard to find..I've seen them at many discount stores and dept. stores lately. You can fill them with mini birds nests with candy eggs, mini chocolate rabbits, pastries, and cupcakes of course!
I love that look of an all white pottery or white milk glass collection..with all styles and proportions of bottles and vases. I painted a coca-cola glass bottle last summer for my desk flowers and one of those fragrance diff users.. The flowers are left over from my wedding shower..and a friend gave me the other vase that looks like a ceramic paper bag (she knows what i like! quirky and whimsical!) 
The napkins and napkin holders were gifts from a dear friend... I tried  purple napkins but it was too predictable that they would match the flowers.. I like the brown, with a bit of teal on the seam..and the napkin rings remind me of a lily pond. 
I ADORE my bee glasses!  Anything with a extra something..something you don't see everyday or everywhere will make your table setting something to be desired.. something where the guests have to look a bit closer.. 
I think these are called zinnias?  I've seen them at Michael's craft store.. fresh tulips in pink and plum colors cascading out of a footed ceramic vase or bowl would be pretty too
All it needs is a honey ham, right?
Use things you already have! You might be surprised with what you come up with ...This vase I took from a bookshelf in my bedroom.  I once attended a Pottery Barn table design class. It was so neat to see how different dishes and a few staple accessories, like silver candlesticks,  can transform into several different tablescapes. 
One thing I've always noticed from admiring design magazines and from when I studied food styling was how designers work with layers and textures!  How boring would it look to have a flat flowery material teal placemat, teal dinner plate, teal salad plate, and a matching napkin? How much more interesting to the eye and to the touch is it to have different colored and textured layers to the place setting and to the overall table decor? 

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