Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Something sweet...

Three weeks of spring break and what to do?!!!  The school that I teach at runs on a continuous learning some of our breaks are shorter and some are longer..this just happens to be one of those longer!  We're still in the first week of spring break here and I've already been on two shopping is the first day that I'm at home..have NOTHING to do (except mop the kitchen floor..that can WAIT!) and so I am just hangin out in my pj's..all the windows are open..80's music cranked up loud.. I love being home.. My husband's mom made these DELICIOUS rice crispy treats over winter break so I decided to give them a try..with a few minor adaptations.. I replaced some of the syrups and sugar with marshmallow..  They are YUMMY!

1. On low heat melt down 3 tablespoons of butter and 3/4 a bag of the 1/4 to add in later!
2. When it's melted down and smooth..stir in a cup of peanut butterrrrr... yuuuuuum : )
3. Measure out 6 cups of rice crispies cereal.. stir in a little bit at a time to the ooey gooey goodness...oh and add in those extra marshmallows so there are some chewy gets THICK!
4. Spread in a large glass pan..I lined mine with wax paper.
5. Melt down half a bag of butterscotch chips..then add in and melt down half a bag of chocolate chips.
6. THEN....ya spread it..ya spread it (sorry! pre-k teaching pb and j song comin out!)
7. refrigerate an hour so it can set up.. i say that but i did it about 10 min. till i couldn't wait anymore.. : )

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