Friday, June 14, 2013

Furniture Redo!

This was my first experience with Annie Sloan chalk paint..AMAZING!! LOVE IT!   I ordered it from Canabananas at The Market .  I couldn't decide between Pure White or Old White.. the sample looked too dark of the Old White... I used the clear wax but I'm debating about going over the pieces in a dark wax too.. the Pure White is really bright.. both the coffee table and other table were free anyways so I wasn't too concerned if I messed up with my first chalk paint experience.. I was going for a beach look but I think I might use the two pieces in a sun room someday. The paint itself is really thick but very smooth.. No sanding is required..this paint sticks to almost everything!  (I did a little sanding anyways to get some scratches out of the table tops.)  If you mess up..the paint will come off quickly with a wet rag.  Then I used sandpaper to give it that distressed look. The wax was interesting.. because it was clear it was hard to tell where I had used it..after I waxed it, I buffed it with some t-shirt scraps... It is very durable so far..I've set hot/cold/wet glasses on it and it seems to be fine..  Here's a photo below of how the coffee table looked before.. the paint adhered to both the wood top and metal legs really well..I used two coats..

after!!!  It is the fastest drying paint that I've worked with..dries within minutes..sooo much better than latex..and doesn't flake off
Here's a photo of my dining room table decorated for summer... candlesticks and lantern (Ross), plates (Target), placemats (IKEA - $3 bucks each!) 

Trinket box from our trip down to south Texas,  pail from a friend's wedding,  and vintage mini scrabble letters from my grandmother's house

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