Sunday, June 30, 2013

Organize in style!

I have been pinning and pinning wicker file boxes...I absolutely hate file can decoupage them all you want but they still look sterile and boring to me.. and take up so much space!  As a newly married couple these past two years..I filed my school loans, bank info, job papers in a black plastic file box.. and my husband stored all his papers in a single file drawer of his desk..about half of his papers were in files..the rest..including our bill statements were in a huge mixed up stack!   I love the woven file boxes at Ballard..but they are $65 each!  As  I was wandering the aisles of Ross yesterday I came across these wicker storage bins..($6 dollars each!!) I didn't have a file folder with me to measure..lucky guess..the files fit perfect!! After two long hours of paper shredding and re-labeling, I condensed and combined our files from the past years into these baskets..with room to spare!  We agreed that we can get that ugly fire proof locking file box or cabinet for the very important long as it stays in the closet! :)   

These book shelves are currently in our bedroom in our apt....they are Target shelves and currently hold  craft supplies, the files, jewelry bracelets, books, a tv..and a few picture frames.. We are moving into our house soon (!!!) ..and I think I'm going to either put these shelves in the office or in the closet (to hold purses and shoes!)  
Baskets make everything better!  I have baskets for books, for dvds in the living room,  baskets in the pantry..under the sink for dish towels...they're everywhere!  The basket above came in a 3 piece set (2 small, 1 large) from Walmart.
I LOVE these Anthropologie bowls !  I've used them for serve soups..salads..condiments.. and now for my jewelry.. this is not all of my jewelry..a large portion of my collection is in built-in jewelry drawers in our dresser.. but my most favorite pieces are out for display! These bowls come in many colors and patterns and are $8 each..

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