Friday, July 19, 2013

Fridge Menu

I combined all my favorite tested and approved Pinterest recipes with some recipes that I already make..and make well..and created this mini poster for the side of my fridge... Maybe I will laminate it, star what we we want to eat that week, then take it with me grocery shopping  There's probably an app for that..huh?  I'd rather see it.. then scroll thru and have to find it though.. I think this will make my weeknight meals..a teeny bit more organized...I'd rather look at this and pick out what we want to eat..than to stare at a piece of frozen chicken on a Wednesday night..contemplate how long it takes to thaw..then scroll thru my pinterest food board...get sidetracked pinning things that look delicious but don't have the ingredients for..then either deciding to cook at 9pm or ordering pizza!  Weeknight dinners should be easy and fail proof.. the weekends are for experimenting! 

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