Monday, June 2, 2014

May 2014 - Fancy Box Review!

This is my first Fancy box and I signed up for May/June/July.  Overall, not too impressed with this box.  Fancy allows you to select up to three categories. I checked three categories on my profile settings...women's, home, and media.  The box is huge but only a third of it was filled..a lot of wasted space and extra stuffing. The items were not wrapped in cute packaging at all and that's usually what I love about most subscription boxes. I really liked one item that was in my May box and the rest were just okay.  
The envelope contains my order receipt and a popsicle sticker that I have no idea what to do with.. under the envelope is black tissue, and then there is four rolls of cushioning or stuffing? I can't describe it well but it took up the majority of the box. 
So this box contained five items....
I really do like the instagram type photography on these nail stickers but I would have rather had them without the black border...and my nails are usually short so I don't think they will work to well for me. :( 
These A.J. Morgan sunglasses retail for about $25...they aren't quite the shape I wear normally but it's always good to keep a pair in the car when I forget my regular sunglasses. I can't decide yet if I'll keep them or gift them. 
At first I was thinking why would I need this but then I thought of my work. I'm a teacher and these will be nice for the listening center so two students can listen to a book on cd at the same time.. So it's functional..yes.. I'll keep them.. Also, behind this gadget there was a book in the box called "The Worst Case Scenario Handbook" which I already own from playing white elephant game over Christmas. So I will probably be either gifting it or donating it to another white elephant game next year. : ) 
Now this I was super excited about!  I love soaps and lotions and these smell divine!  This kit by EVO comes with shampoo, conditioner, moisture mask, body wash, and lotion.  The bottles are quite small and I've almost used them all up but they smell so amazing and my hair feels so fantastic that I will be ordering some full size products off their website!  

Each little bottle and a funny description...I have to admit I read them all...front and back.
And honestly it does feel like that!  I've never tried a moisture mask and once I put it on my hair it was so smooth! I could run my fingers through my hair without feeling tangles...and I have long THICK hair! I wish I could describe the smell..almost like coconut and honey...but each bottle smelled different.

I loved these products so much that I wanted my photo with them! lol.. My hair feels AMAZING!  To find out more about EVO products click here!   And I was trying out the Pinterest hair curl hack in these photos.  IT WORKS!!  I did it three times this week and it held up through a whole work day!  Flip your hair upside down, tie a pony tail near the top of your forehead, so the ponytail is in front of your face (Yes I looked silly..but oh the things Pinterest has us do!) ...then take a curling iron and curl about 4-5 sections. Then, take the ponytail out and flip back your hair...AMAZING!! And it took me less than 5 minutes!

So, I don't think it's fair to judge a subscription box company by one box I have two more boxes to go through and then I'll post my final decision if I will continue with my Fancy box subscription.  If you would like to find out more about Fancy box click here!  And this is just one type of Fancy box...more of a general Fancy box subscription, there are celebrity Fancy boxes and Fancy food boxes as well.  

*I was not compensated or asked to write this review and all opinions are my own. : ) 

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