Monday, June 2, 2014

May 2014 - A Kitchen Box Review!

This is my second box from and this month's theme was "The Egg Box."   I saw the postman through the window and I saw him grab a package from the back of his truck...I stopped my husband in mid-conversation to zip outside and collect my box of hand selected kitchen treasures and treats!
The box might be small in comparison to other boxes I subscribe to but it is PACKED with unique items and delectable recipes! There is always a free music download in the box to go along with your cooking experience! This month's box featured Lisa Loeb: "No Fairy Tale & The Disappointed Pancake Music Downloads." 
At first I couldn't figure out what this was... a bottle opener? egg slicer?  The description read "egg topper." ..Still no had no clue.. I googled it and found out that it takes the top part of the shell off of a soft boiled egg!  If I had actually read the recipe card that came in the box first it would have told me that. : )   I love to cook and I have almost every known cooking gadget known to man in my kitchen so it was nice to be introduced to something new!  
Egg cups - I love that they are white because they match my dishes... again...white egg cups are something I don't have.  I do have polka dot Easter themed egg cups but white are nice for everyday use.
Green kitchen towel - I'm not a fan of green but  I am going to add this to a gift basket for a friend and she loves green! April's box featured a white flour sack towel which I love!
I have never used pink peppercorns but one of the recipe cards in the box calls for them. That is one of the many things I like about A Kitchen Box is that you are introduced to unique and uncommon items that you would not see in a general grocery store. My peppercorn mill was getting low anyways and now I can fill it up with these!  In April's box I received some spices from this Whole Spice company..I am wondering if every box will include spices from the same company. I really like the amount of spices I acquired also.  They are not just for a one time use. 
So that's how it works!! :) I want to make a soft boiled egg now so I can try out this nifty tool!
Here is the beautiful recipe card that came in the box!
 The recipe is "Soft Cooked Egg with Buttered Toast For Two" by Michael Ruhlman and art by Donna Turner Ruhlman. This is actually a recipe/photo postcard and there is another postcard in the box of fried eggs. 
Inside this month's box there was also a Rip Van Wafel which I have seen but never tried!  The package listed instructions for heating the treat so immediately I wanted to try it out with my morning cup of tea!  You are supposed to open the wafel from the packaging and let it sit over your hot coffee or tea. The steam heats up the caramel goodness inside the wafel.

It was scrumptious!

 I ordered the Spring Quarterly Subscription which means I have one more box coming my way!  As I have said before,  I think this box is perfect for anyone who loves to cook, entertain, and try new recipes! It makes a lovely gift for an aspiring culinary student, a home cook, a friend who loves to entertain, or any foodie!

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*I was not compensated or asked to write this review and all opinions are my own. : ) 

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