Saturday, May 3, 2014

Subscription Boxes!

I am obsessed with subscription boxes lately!  There seems to be a subscription box for every theme or idea imaginable! If you don't know what a subscription box is...let me explain.  It is a monthly box you receive from a company, shipped directly to your home, filled with goodies and trinkets!  Most subscription boxes are surprise boxes and you don't know ahead of time what you will get. Who doesn't like a monthly surprise box?! I sure do! There are subscription boxes themed around cooking, crafting, pets, kids, beauty products, travel, fashion, etc. A great place to start researching subscription boxes is My Subscription Addiction.  On the My Subscription Addiction website you can read reviews, research boxes based on price and theme, manage your subscriptions, and create wishlists!

Dottiebox was my first subscription box I ordered. So far I am way beyond impressed with the overall cuteness of the box, attention to detail, and unique handpicked items from independent artists/designers!  Read my April 2014 review here!  Currently, Dottiebox offers a recurring $20 monthly subscription or a $60 pre-paid three month subscription. Also, the website offers mini box subscriptions. April and May mini boxes are $10 each, a recurring monthly mini box subscription is $13/month, and a three month pre-paid mini box subscription is $36. A mini box features 2-3 handmade items plus coupons.  Dottiebox website also sells lip balm and  individual gift dottieboxes you can send to a friend! 

A Kitchen Box is the second box I subscribed to. As a past culinary student, home cook, and foodie, this box is definitely one I had to try!  Read my April 2014 review here!  This box features special curated ingredients, a flour sack towel, recipe cards, a surprise item for your kitchen, and a music download.  Everything was so elegantly packaged in my April is a treat to unwrap and explore each item! The website sells past boxes for $34 each or a subscription to future boxes. A quarterly subscription is $89, a semi annual subscription is $175, and an annual subscription is $350. This box makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves to cook! 

I have been wanting to try the Popsugar Must Have box for awhile now and I finally placed my order last week.  Not only is opening a subscription box exciting but watching unboxing reviews is addicting!  It's kinda like being five again and watching the birthday kid open the presents!  Popsugar Must Have reviews are really fun to watch because they feature A LOT of stuff! TheMissAllieCakes and Jen at The Busy Bee create really helpful reviews when deciding what box to choose next!  So Popsugar Must Have box offers a $39.95 monthly box, 3 months for $109.85, 6 months for $214.70, or 1 year for $429.40.  The boxes feature home, body, or fashion products hand selected by Popsugar editors. And every so often a special edition box comes out. I've seen reviews on the special edition summer box, resort box, and the special edition Neiman Marcus box. These special edition boxes show up randomly, cost more, are in limited amounts, and sell out fast. I am due to receive my Popsugar Must Have box any day now and will post my review!  I am excited that I waited to order for the summer months..somehow I feel like this box is going to be amazing! 

Didn't I say there was a box for everything?!?!  My Cotton Bunny is a subscription service from Los Angeles for ..your time of the month! No more awkward feminine product aisle!  On the website, you can pick when your cycle occurs and the box should arrive around that time.  The box features tampons or pads (your choose what kind and from where.. Tampax, Always, Playtex, Kotex, or o.b.), chocolates, and a surprise gift!  I think this box is just about the greatest idea ever.  My box is on it's way and will post the review soon. Boxes are $16 per month.

I have been looking for a "travel" box and this one seems to be the one! I have read many positive reviews about Hammock Pack.  I ordered my subscription yesterday and cannot wait to see what May's box brings!  The box is supposed to feature 5-6 products that represent a getaway or destination. The products are a snacks, bath products, housewares, and accessories. May's box is supposed to be Florida so I'm expecting some fun beach items..possibly sun tan lotion or beach scented candle?  Each box is $25 plus $5 for shipping. A 3 month subscription or full subscription is still $25 a month.  You can look at past boxes on their blog!  I will post my review soon! 
I subscribed to Fancy Box recently and I really like how they allow you to set preferences.  You first choose three general preferences to what you like..I chose Women's, Home, and Media.  After you make your purchase, then you can manage your subscriptions and set preferences such as clothing and shoe sizes, cell phone brand, ring sizes...and you can enter your birthday to receive a special surprise. Besides the regular Fancy box, there are other different variations and types of subscriptions. There are celebrity Fancy boxes like the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box and chef boxes like the Tyler Florence box (which btw might be my next subscription!). There are Fancy Food boxes and Mystery boxes! The celebrity boxes vary from $39-$42 a month, the Mystery box is just $10/month, and the regular Fancy box and Fancy Food Box are $39/month.  A Fancy box for 3 months is $115, 6 months/$225, 9 months/$330, and 12 months/$425. There is also a $7.95 shipping fee. I have read many Fancy Box reviews and watched unboxings and it seems that it is well worth the price! Fancy Box states that the box features $80+ worth of products! There is also a referral program ..when one of your friends sign up then you get a credit...ooooh!  The only disappointment I have is that I wish I ordered this box last month..I saw an April unboxing and a Kinfolk magazine was in the box! 

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