Monday, June 2, 2014

May 2014 - POPSUGAR MUST HAVE box review!

POPSUGAR! POPSUGAR! POPSUGAR!  I cannot say enough good things about this box!  This is my first Popsugar Must Have subscription box and I decided to order for the summer months.  The quantity and quality of items does not compare to other fashion/beauty product boxes.  Popsugar sends full size products and the retail value of this box added up to $115!   That is more than double than what I paid for it! 
The box is bigger than most of my other subscription boxes and was PACKED!  
This is a Citrus Zinger water bottle and retails for $17.  I'm so glad I got pink! (It's the little things!)  I have used this bottle every single day for the past two weeks mainly for water and ice tea.  What's cool about this bottle is that you can actually juice a lemon or lime right on the spot! I tried it with a lemon and I left the half lemon in the bottom to infuse the water. was a bit..LEMONY! A little too much lemony.. I will have to re-try it when I buy some more fruits.. there are a few recipes that come with the bottle like clementines and mint which sounds interesting!  Another thing that comes in hand is the thumb hook to carry the bottle.  I didn't know how convenient this was until I was struggling to get in the door at work with books, purse, teacher bag, etc. and thought ooohh thumb hook! 
I was excited about this DVD until this morning..when I actually tried it! It is not fast paced but maybe when I get myself more in gear I will be more into it.  I did an hour of zumba after and zumba just keeps my attention span longer...This dvd retails for $15.
This is a Kerry Cassill sleep mask designed exclusively for Popsugar Must Have.  I checked out the Kerry Cassill website and found quite a few things I would purchase (if I could afford it!). The website sells beautiful linens, bedding, scarves, and even pajamas designed by Kerry Cassill.  Here is the website!   I thought the sleep mask was very pretty (and could picture myself wearing it while wearing pearls and a boa feather lined robe in Paris!) ..but I honestly don't have any problem falling asleep and it went perfectly with my spa themed secret sister gift that I had to that is where it went and I hope she enjoys it! This mask retails for $24! That's one expensive good night's sleep!
Skinny Sticks...have yet to try them but the bag is HUGE!  I'm saving them for a pool snack this week..the packaging and description is cute anyways.
They retail for $4.

Next was nail polish from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!  I have seen this blue everywhere this season and now I finally have a bottle of my own!  The name of the polish is "Pool Boy" (how fitting for this summer themed box!)  and it retails for $10.

It just gets better and better!  I can't decide which I like better the Citrus Zinger or this St.Tropez perfume spray by Smellbent! It smells like the beach!! I've worn this daily since I got it and it really does smell AMAZING!
 It retails for $45! 
I don't have the heart to throw out the box..such cute packaging! 
A mini pamphlet comes in the box that lists descriptions of each item and their retail value.  I always wait till I unbox all the items before I read inserts so I don't spoil the surprise! 
I really am impressed with the quality and quantity of items. I cannot wait for the June box and I also ordered the Popsugar Must Have limited edition Summer box which is already sold out! It should be here Wednesday!  If you would like more info. about Popsugar Must Have subscription box click here! 

*I was not compensated or asked to write this review and all opinions are my own. : ) 

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