Friday, June 27, 2014

June 2014 ~ A Kitchen Box Review!

This is my third "A Kitchen Box" subscription box and this month's theme was  the "Grill Box."  May's theme was the "Egg Box" and April's was a "Tasting Box." 
I love the little designer printed envelopes..I've been saving and reusing them!  Here is the little card insert that tells you about the items in the box. 
Four Cedar Grilling Planks by NW Plank Co. ($12.95)  - At first I was like..hmmm...I don't eat fish. But it says it can be used for chicken and pork also.  I'm debating whether to keep them or regift the planks.

Hazelnut Rub by NW Plank Co. ($6.00) - The best part about my kitchen is opening up my pantry and seeing all these beautiful gourmet jars and spices from A Kitchen Box!  I have not heard of a hazelnut rub..sounds interesting!
Black Garlic Finishing Salt by Salinity  (this is a sample but most salts on their website range from $15-$29)
- This tiny package is FRAGRANT! In fact the whole box smelled like it. Excited to use this finishing salt!

Flour sack towel - each box contains a new towel which is a nice touch!
Also included...recipe postcards, music download to Call Me by St. Paul & Broken Bones, two grill menus with recipes, and shopping lists.

I enjoy receiving all these artisan food items that are new to me! I have really liked the music downloads that have come with each box and I look forward to seeing how the box is curated and themed each month! If you would like to find out more about A Kitchen Box click here!

*I was not compensated or asked to write this review and all opinions are my own. : ) 

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